Monday, March 19, 2012

Poor Old Eldo

I received some pictures from my friend Dennis down in Southern California this morning. It looks as though El Dorado Disc Golf Course has lost another tree.

I used to frequent this course with a small group of guys when I lived in Long Beach. Once in a while we would notice an ill-looking tree and wonder if that one was the next to fall during a big wind storm.

This time it's the big tree that is situated near the closest pin position on hole three. It didn't take out the basket, but it would have come close if the positions were different today.

This last photo shows the dead tree with the tee position off in the background. I used to practice my straddle putt from behind this tree. Damn.

A lot of the trees on this course look like they're either old or sick. It seems like every year the park loses another one.

Thanks goes out to Dennis Clark for sending me the photos.

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  1. No problem synco! Looks like there will be more options to go at #3 now that the tree is down I'll send more pics when the tree is removed may your putts go in take care D.C.