Sunday, November 17, 2013

A brand new year. Part two.

Lucky Mud DGC is the beautiful creation of Adam Fletcher and Lowell Shields. There's a great post about the birth of the course here on NWDiscgolfnews. Apparently it's the first course in southwest Washington. I loved walking this property even though mother nature tried to scare us off with her gusty wind and ominous thunder. I just wish I could have played the entire course. I'll get to that later.

After teeing off of one I decided that staying a weekend at the inn is a must sometime in the near future – probably after winter though. I hope it's still around. On our way out the owner revealed that her and her husband were splitting up, so I'm unsure what path this property will be directed down.

Hopefully nothing but positive changes will take place – positive changes like they'll work things out. If you go to the Web site here you'll see old photos of Jessica and Sunrise. It's sad to think the happy looking musical couple in the photos have gone through something terrible enough to end so many years together.

Like I mentioned before we were not able to play the full spread. Playing an entire round with my two-year-old daughter can be quite difficult if she's not fully on board with the idea, but the layout was fun enough that an urge to return was planted in my mind.

The property is beautiful and the fairways are extremely fun. In the short amount of time I was there I experienced elevation changes, tight lines, wide open runs, water hazards and unexpected obstacles like rusty jugs and deteriorating chairs.

Junk piles on a disc golf course are not something I'm used to seeing. If someone were to tell me there was a bunch of trash on a course I would initially think negatively about it and consider not playing it, or making a push to help clean it up.

This is not one of those situations. The fairways are clean. The random items scattered among the bushes seem neatly placed and adds an eccentricity element to the course. I enjoyed scanning the shadows to see what other old, rusty items I could find. 

There were some old disc golf related items too. I found old homemade baskets, mini baskets and a large tone pole.

My favorite hole that day was six. The view from the tee is framed with branches and the fairway rolls down a hill, over a creek and left around a line of trees with the basket tucked in behind them and standing in the center of a wide open swath of vibrant green grass.

I can't wait to play this hole again.

It was about this time, while we were playing six, that my daughter started to give up on life. She mentioned something about donating her legs to science and leaving her to sit in a field for the rest of her life. We offered for her to sit back in her stroller, which she did for a bit, but then she decided she wanted to try walking again.

We were on hole eight when things were just not fun anymore. She was crawling in the wet grass like she was dehydrated and slowly making her way across a dry, desolate desert. 

So I saved her and we left.

I also played Lower Columbia DGC is Astoria, OR that weekend. My experience there will be in the next post. 

Thanks for reading. 

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  1. Awesome photos as usual! LOVE the last shot as a father of 2 kids. That course is gorgeous - thanks for sharing.