Thursday, November 28, 2013

Disc Golf Days #2: Spirit Animal

I sarcastically asked this black Lab if he was a spirit animal. He didn't reply. 

I politely asked this black Lab to move so we could drive on hole two. He lazily strolled to the side and sat. After we threw he rushed ahead and hung out near the basket.

Something weird was happening here.

When I play a new course I wonder if I'll get through it all since some courses are a little difficult to navigate without help. When we arrived at Lower Columbia DGC in Astoria, OR, a day after our adventure at Lucky Mud, we were pleased to meet a guy named Joey. He briefed us on the short nine-hole layout and asked if he could join up.

I said yes, but explained we would probably be extremely slow since we had a two-year-old in tow. He understood and played on without us.

We stood and took in what we could see near the billboard just beyond the gravel parking lot. In the distance Joey was putting out on hole one and moving on.

We all took turns hurling hope out over an open field. I love the feeling of playing a new course, especially when I bird the first hole.

The black Lab appeared out of nowhere while we were walking over to tee pad number two. After we putted out he dashed off up a hill. I was wondering about two things. Where was tee three located and where is this dog's owner? Then I decided to follow the pooch.

There he was – waiting near the next tee pad. I started petting him at this point. After driving up a hill and around a line of huge trees he bolted for the basket. At this moment Joey was walking past us on his way to tee seven. I asked him about the dog. He didn't know where the dog's home was, but said it's not unusual to play a full round with him. He's always there.

Sometime between holes four and five pooch found a huge branch and carried it over to me. As I went to grab it he pulled away. It was play time.

He continued to follow us as we moved through the course. In between throws I played tug-of-war with him – only succeeding at pulling the branch from his jaws once. This doggy was strong.

After putting out on nine he stood by our car and everyone petted him and said goodbye. I said thanks for showing us around and told him I hoped to see him again.

So if you ever play this course and have an opportunity to spend time with this cool dog do me a favor... give him a pat on the head for me.

Thanks for reading.

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